Feedback from my clients

I trust Isabel’s medical advice totally and absolutely – far more than many doctors and consultants.  Her words of wisdom made great sense and I am grateful for her input.  She is also a pleasure to meet – bright, positive, happy and her personality and smile make you feel good. – Simon

I met Isabel shortly after my diagnosis. We talked through what was happening to my body, we checked my blood sugar levels and hatched a plan.  Although it was quite a worrying time, I felt supported and knew that Isabel was on my side.  What followed wasn’t as bad as I was expecting!  At all times I felt in control and safe with what was happening.  Isabel is very easy to talk to and has a very open manner.  I now know I can handle it and I know who will be helping me.  Huge thanks. – Kerry

My mum had been diagnosed with Diabetes a few months ago. We were quite surprised at the time as mum is very slight and also we do eat reasonably healthily so I was finding it quite difficult to adjust mum’s diet. I would look up information to help me but it all became daunting and also there was a lot of conflicting information out there so I became more and more confused and stressed about the whole thing. It came to a head when mum was starting to lose weight. A friend suggested that I talk to a dietitian, I found Isabel who actually specialises in Diabetes. Within five minutes of talking to her she made me feel better and after just half an hour I had a better understanding of Diabetes and how to adjust the diet so it works for mum. I can’t recommend Isabel enough. Thank you Isabel.  Lauren (Dorset)

Case Studies

Fine tuning insulin

A retired man with type 1 diabetes was doing all the ‘right’ things for his diabetes management but his blood glucose levels were erratic. Both hypos and high blood glucose readings inconvenienced and frustrated him because he wanted good blood glucose control.

He kept a diary for me and we went through a series of insulin dose change trials, I identified that his insulin doses were slightly out of balance. He was very insulin-sensitive so this slight imbalance was enough to cause his blood glucose problems.

It took a few months of regular email communication to get it right but his blood glucose levels are now nearly always in single figures, he hardly hypos at all – even after exercise and his blood glucose stays stable overnight.

Avoiding more tablets

A high HbA1c blood test result brought a lady with type 2 diabetes to me.

When we discussed her diet, it became apparent to me that the foods she was eating combined with the times she was eating at were causing blood glucose spikes, which would be elevating her HbA1c.

We discussed her options and she wanted to avoid having to increase her tablets. By making some timing changes to key aspects of her diet, we were able to bring her HbA1c down to where she wanted it.

Getting rid of hypos

A man in his 30s with an active job had type 1 diabetes and during the course of our discussion he mentioned hypos, I asked more about it and found that he had hypos every single morning at work and he accepted this as part of having diabetes.

We looked at his breakfast and his medication and I was able to give him a suggestion that would avoid having the debilitating and inconvenient hypos.

When I saw him next, he told me he had taken my advice and what a huge impact it had made; how much better and easier life was as a result.

You set the objective

Whatever is troubling you the most, will be my focus.  I have no agenda but to help you get your diabetes working for you; whether that is by giving you additional knowledge, investigating the cause or exploring alternative options.

The toolkit

My expertise and experience gives me a toolkit to call on and use to help you.  Everyone’s diabetes is individual so I will design my advice just for you and your life now, with some advice for how your diabetes might change in the future.