Come and see me in a welcoming and relaxed clinic setting.  You can have a one-off consultation or choose to add follow-up appointments if you wish.  Click here for more information.

I will support you to feel in control and make informed, confident decisions about your food, medication and lifestyle. As your personal advisor, I don’t offer just another clinic consultation; it is authentic, face to face, individually tailored, expert advice

At Your Door

This elite service allows the benefits of my diabetes coaching service to be enhanced by your real-life setting.  Click here for more information.

Together, we will cover not just your blood glucose control but the broader aspects of how diabetes impacts on your life. No geographical limitations – I will come to you.

Cutting through the confusion

Advice and information from all kinds of places can be confusing and sometimes conflicting.  I will cut through the confusion and give you clear advice relevant to your life, your medication and your diabetes.

Find what works for you

What works for one person might not suit you.  My years of experience will allow me to suggest what might work best for you. I will and offer you options and guide you through the pros and cons to reach your own decision.